July 20, 2024
Rory Stewart: ‘Anti-populists want candidates with charisma too’

Rory Stewart is considering the manifestations of evil on Earth. “We regularly consider evil as a kind of cartoon determine, like Lord Voldemort, rubbing their fingers collectively and plotting the destruction of the world,” says the previous soldier, diplomat, educational, Conservative management candidate — and writer of probably the most horribly revealing e-book on Westminster you might be more likely to learn.

“I am not a theologian, however I’ve an concept that evil is definitely a type of immense carelessness,” he says. “It is a type of immense selfishness. It is cynicism.” His well mannered manner glitches with fury. He’s baring his tooth. “It is the utter cynicism that allows the erosion of our requirements, our establishments, our conduct in public life and since it is performed with a wink and a smile… as a result of it is disguised as clowning… it is really extra harmful.”

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